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Trafton’s Porsche Services

We are a full service and repair Porsche shop. Anything you want done on your Porsche we can handle. Difficult diagnosis separates us from other competitors. If those guys cant figure it out, we can. Our mechanics will happily do the ‘hard to do jobs’ that most shops wont go near. Everything from tune-ups and brake services, to timing chains and engine rebuilds. Whether it’s a Porsche 356, 911, 912 or 914 we are here for you.

  • Porsche Tune-Ups & Maintenance

    All aspects of tune up and general maintenance. From your typical ignition tune-ups, cover spark plugs, distributor caps, rotor, wires, etc. To all filter systems including fuel filters, air filters. We even perform fluid flushes for power steering systems, hydraulic brake systems, etc. Trafton's has a long history of early model Porsche expertise, so common tune-up related services such as valve adjustments, setting breaker points, and setting engine timing, all sound like very simple processes but are so commonly performed improperly by repair shops that do no have Porsche experience.

  • Engeine Rebuilds

    Trafton's has performed hundreds of Porsche engine rebuilds. Ranging from early model 356's to later model 911's. We not only have the tooling for these major engine over hauls, but we even have the jigs and specialty Porsche tooling that is no longer available for these unique German engines.

  • Transmission Rebuilds

    We have extensive experience in manual transmission rebuilds on Porsche 911, 912, 356, 914, 944, & 928. Everything from factory rebuilds to conversions. We are your best source for Porsche transmission work.

  • Bumper To Bumper Rapair / Maintenance On All 911, 912, 356, and 914 Porsches

    We perform any repair request on any year make and model of old Porsche. A common thing now days is 'Vehicle Discrimination'. A lot of franchise businesses are very picky about what years of vehicles they work on do to age and experience in the field. Fortunately at Trafton we have been around long enough and have the proper training to be more than comfortable working on all early model 50's, 60's, 70', 80's, and 90's model Porsche's.